Sewing Project: Adding Pockets to Pajama Pants

By . July 18th, 2020. Posted in Sewing

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I decided that today would be a pajama pants day! Comfy-pants are perfect for doing chores, working around the house, and blogging. If you’re like me, you been gifted plenty of pairs of pajama pants over the years, but none of them have pockets. How annoying is it when you can’t easily carry your phone around, or quickly pocket a couple of screws while installing something? Inspired by my desire for both comfort and utility, I decided to add some pockets in my pajama pants. Here’s how I did it:

Since I didn’t already have a pocket template, I searched Google and found a free pajama pants pocket pattern from Sew Over It. I downloaded the pattern, printed it at 100%, and used it to cut out four pieces of fabric for the pockets. Ideally you would use fabric that’s similar in color to your pants so the pockets blend in well. I didn’t have any light blue fabric, so I used a neutral, unbleached muslin fabric.

I marked where I wanted the pocket to start on both the inside and the outside of the pants. After measuring the length of the pocket, I used a seam-ripper to open up the sides of the pants just slightly farther out than where I marked.

With the pants right-side out, and working on side at a time, I pinned a pocket piece in place and sewed it to the pants using an overcasting stitch. The overcasting stitch joins the seams and finishes the edges in one step. My sewing machine came with an overcasting presser foot, but if you don’t have one they are inexpensive online. I matched up the pocket on the other side of the pants leg, and sewed it in place.

Next, I turned the pants inside-out, matched up the pocket pieces and pinned them together. Then I stitched the pants seam and pocket all the way around with an overcasting stitch.

When I created the holes for my pockets in the pants, I made them a little wider for easier positioning of the pockets. So at this point in the process, I made sure the pants leg seam was completely closed with a straight stitch.

Finally I turned the pants right-side out again and pressed the pocket seams with my iron. There you have it! A simple sewing project that takes little time but adds utility to your comfy-pants. Would you, or have you ever sewn pockets into store-bought pajama pants? Maybe I have too much time on my hands… Then again, at least I didn’t spent any extra money on pajama pants with pockets today!


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