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Craft Idea: Decoupage Dried Flowers on Mason Jars

By . May 13th, 2023. Posted in DIY

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Here’s a fun and creative DIY project to add a touch of charm to your home decor: decoupage dried flowers on mason jars to create stunning candle holders! Decoupage involves adhering paper or fabric to a surface and then covering it with a protective sealant. In this project, I used dried flowers to create beautiful floral designs on mason jars, then set electric tea lights inside. The process is so simple that any adult or older child can do it, and the results are gorgeous. Keep reading to see how I created these jars.


Dried Flowers

There are a ton of options on Amazon. In some of these packages of flowers you’ll also find pieces of dried fruit. Dried fruit is harder to decoupage on glass jars, but the results are so adorable.

Mason Jars

So that you’ll have a smooth surface to adhere your flowers, you’ll want jars with plain fronts, not the branded Ball or Kerr kind. I used 16 oz. jars.

Mod Podge

An essential all-in-one glue and sealant that every crafter should own. You can use this to both stick the flowers to the mason jars and paint on top of the flowers to seal and protect them.

Paint Brushes

I personally like soft, synthetic brushes meant for acrylic paints. I just find they are the easiest to use and most versatile brushes for multiple paint and craft projects. For this decoupage project, a flat or filbert brush works well.

Optional: Twine

This is optional, but you can use twine to tie around the lid of the jar to add a rustic touch. I used this twine braided with gold wire which comes in several pretty colors that you can match with your flowers if you so desire.

Optional: Craft Tweezers

This can help you pick up delicate flowers and place them on your jars.

The Process

Step 1: Prepare your crafting area. Have a container of water nearby for diluting the Mod Podge. Using a paper bowl to hold a small amount of Mod Podge makes clean up super easy. You won’t need a lot of Mod Podge. I think 2 tablespoons is plenty to decoupage three mason jars. Paper towels will be helpful if your jar drips during this project.

Step 2: First, dip you brush in some water, then Mod Podge. Paint a thin layer on your jar where you want to adhere your flower or stem. You can use the damp brush to lift up a flower and place it onto the Mod Podge, or you can use tweezers for delicate pieces.

Step 3: Grab a bit more water and Mod Podge on your brush and paint on top of the flower or stem to seal it in. And that’s it! Keep repeating this process around your jar as far as you want to go. I only did one side of the jar as I plan to place the jars on a mantle or shelf where the back side won’t be visible.


  • If using dried fruit in your decoupage, try soaking the pieces in water for a bit until they’ve softened up. This will help them mold to the curve of your jar.
  • After the Mod Podge has completely dried, you can go back and wipe off some of the excess around the edges of your flowers with a damp paper towel.
  • Stems are difficult to decoupage. Many of the stiff pieces I simply snipped off with a pair of scissors, either before or shortly after decoupaging the leaf onto the jar.

Let me know what you think of this project!


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